Oronsay  Oronsay

Oronsay is a north facing classic double room at the back of the house.

It used to be “Aunt Jessie’s” room in Victorian times but the room fell into disrepair during the course of the last century and lost some of its original character.

Our recent refurbishment has revealed the old press, in the corner of the room, which has now been restored to make a useful bookcase and display cupboard. Sadly excavations into the corner chimney found nothing left of the old fireplace so this has been left boarded up.

In Aunt Jessie’s day, the room would have had a four poster bed but today it has a Victorian double bed (5' x 6'3") from which you can enjoy a restful view over the old walled garden to the peninsula hills beyond.

The west facing en-suite bathroom benefits from the warmth of the afternoon sun. It has a standard bath with overhead shower.

Dogs are welcome in this room.