CanJust some og the Frounds
The Garden and Grounds
"A hidden retreat "

Greshornish House nestles amongst trees in its ten acres of gardens and grounds that lead down to the shores of Loch Greshornish - a hidden retreat far from the stresses of the wider world.

Sweeping lawns, surrounded by trees and rhododendron bushes, provide guests with space to wander at will, or to play a game of croquet. A tennis court sits beyond the walled garden and the flagpole provides a panoramic viewpoint from where to contemplate the sheer beauty that is Skye.

In recent years the walled garden suffered from serious neglect, (to the extent that you now park your car against the sunny south facing wall). Macleod descendants and local people speak fondly of picking fruits in distant times. Fifty years of growth hid overgrown worcesterberry and red currant bushes; brambles, nettles, wild raspberries and alstroemeria vied for space. Undeterred, we have started to restore this area and in doing so have discovered the remains of hot-houses, paths and wonderful soil imported in puffers to improve the local tilth.

To the visitor this area may still look unkempt - the busier we are, the less time we have to work in the garden! - but thanks to a poly tunnel and some determined labour, the garden now provides the kitchen with all its herbs, much of its salad leaves and flowers and many of its fruits and vegetables, despite a running battle with a seemingly ever-increasing population of rabbits. Sweet peas and other herbaceous plants replace orange alstroemeria as cutting flowers for the house.

We hope that guest participation in the planting of trees and specialist shrubs within the garden to commemorate weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions will continue and provide many happy memories for future visits.


The Garden Gate

Spring garden

Scots Laburnum